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Daves Choice Community Development Corporation

The mission of Dave's Choice CDC is to affect, empower, and impact the lives of underrepresented children and families through career preparation, life skill development, and youth programming. 

We intend to do this by facilitating programs dedicated to providing financial assistance, emotional & social counseling and educational & life skills training.


Our vision is to see children and families overcome hopelessness and generational poverty and become self-sufficient. 


What are the activities

The activities of Daves Choice Community Development Corp are to mentor, provide financial assistance, facilitate life skills workshops and educational tutoring. Daves Choice Community Development Corp will also deliver presentations, events and seminars to the public and the publication of materials that support open dialogue related to fostering positive relationships between children, families and the communities in which they live.

Who conducts the activity

Because of their professional background and experience, mentoring, presentations, seminars and publication activities will initially be conducted by President Dave Bishop Founder of Daves Choice Community Development Corp In addition, a team of mentors, volunteers and program facilitators will be put in place to carry out various, organizational activities.  

When is the activity conducted

The activities will be conducted regularly throughout the year. Scheduling will depend on:

Community Participation


Availability of Resources

What city is the activity conducted in

Daves Choice Community Development Corp target area to deliver activities and community based services will be the Detroit and Atlanta regions of Michigan and Georgia. Eventually, offerings will expand to include other regions both in and out of the state as opportunities become available. 

How does the activity further your exempt purposes

Daves Choice Community Development Corp was formed for educational and literary purposes. The delivery of presentations and seminars are educational in nature, and the publication of written materials that support educational endeavors are considered literary in nature.

How is the activity funded

our operations are funded primarily through contributions from the public including but not limited to individuals, non profit organizations, government agencies and corporations.

Alternative names under which you operate

Daves Choice CDC


Dave’s Choice CDC emphasizes the ability to care for and provide for self which results in much more vibrant, thriving communities. 


Lifelong Learning 

We embody the belief that learning is a lifelong process that guarantees new successes and personal achievement throughout the rest of our lives. 


Personal Pride 

As we continue to strive for greatness, every accomplishment produces self-gratification and grants us permission to exhibit pride in who we are and how far we’ve come. 


About Our Community

Detroit, Michigan 48213 
  • Population: 713,885 (2018) 

  • 25% of population are children ages 18 and younger

  •   Nearly 80% minority 

  • Home ownership is below 50% 

  • Average home value is $42,800 

  • Less than 15% of 25 and older have a college degree 

  • Nearly 40% of families live in poverty 

  • Median household income is $27,800 

  • Average individual income is $16,000